Dual 460 Piano


Automatic handmade turntable.

Sandwich type aluminum plate with double vibration damping ring and antistatic felt.
Height plate 18.5 mm and weight 1050 grams.
Driving type 12 volt 16-pole motor with suspension and belt drive.
Auto stop at the end of the disc and return the arm to its original resting position.
Speed ​​selector switch 33-45-78 rpm.
Start-Stop switch.
Cardan Bearing ULM ΧΜ 300 ΑΛLOY type aluminum arm
Active Arm length 211 mm.
Boom lifting mechanism with mechanical vibration damping system.
Detachable head shell.
Adjustable Weight – Tracking force – antiskating.
ORTOFON OMB 10 mobile magnet head 10
Solid wooden chassis with aluminum suspension under suspension.
External stabilized power supply 12 volt DC
Wow & Flutter: +/- 0.04% Rms.
Rumble weighted Signal to noise ratio: 72 dB.
Tracking capability (315 Hz): 80 μm
Total capacity of connection cables and arm 160 pF
Frequency response: 10 Hz-22 Khz.
Plexiglas lid.
Connection with RCA type plugs.

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Description for blind people: Black Dual turntable with silver details.

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Weight 6600 g

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