Dual CS 455-1 Silver


Automatic handmade turntable with built-in RIAA preamp for MM heads.

The turntable is connected to an LINE-AUX-TAPE-CD input.
Aluminum plate with vibration damping mechanism and with antistatic felt.
Driving type 12 volt 16-pole motor with suspension and belt drive.
Auto stop at the end of the disc and return the arm to its original resting position.
Speed ​​selector switch 33-45-78 rpm.
Start-Stop switch.
Aluminum Arm type Cardan Bearing ULM ΧΜ 300 ΑLLOY
Arm lifting mechanism with mechanical vibration damping system.
Detachable head shell.
Adjustable reading weight-Tracking force -antiskating.
Reading weight up to 10 grams.
Mobile magnet head ORTOFON OMB 10.
Wooden chassis with aluminum suspension under suspension.
External stabilized power supply 12 volt DC 600 mA.
Wow & Flutter: +/- 0.04% Din.
Rumble weighted Signal to noise ratio: 72 dB.
Frequency response: 20 Hz-22 Khz.
Plexiglas lid.
Connection with RCA type plugs.

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Black / Silver

EV Phono Pre amp

Description for blind people: Black Dual turntable with silver details.

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Weight 5430 g

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