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Joe Records opened in 2015, before the return to the turntable was even a trend, to remind the superiority of analog sound and offer everything, but everything you could be looking for in a record, any of your favorite genres. In his record racks you will find a collection of 15,000 vinyls from all categories. From alternative, indie, electronica and rock, funk and garage to hip hop, jazz, latin, metal, new wave and hardcore punk and of course the most difficult folk on the dance floor.

The space located at number 134 Karaiskaki, in an alternative neighborhood that is full of people day and night, becomes a hangout for young people who are looking for music as well as older people who know about music. Here you’ll find new releases, collector’s editions and a range of used LPs, CDs and cassettes in mint condition if you’re looking to add to your collection.

Joe Records is not just a record store but a place where you can go to get a taste of its old school aesthetic and get lost in the music it has to offer. Here you will also find a series of proposals in turntables (some of the most historic brands are available to take home) as well as accessories to create the sound you want at home. After all, Joe’s goal is to present an entire culture that will make you remember the joy of threading the needle and waiting to hear your new record. This move can change the entire enjoyment of the music experience.