Dual CS 418 (2021)


Manual Record Player

Drive: Belt
Speed settings: 33/45/78
Wow & Flutter: < ±0,1 % (DIN WTD)

Bearing: Ball-bearing
Effective length: 221,5 mm
Offset Angle: 25,6°
Overhang: 19 mm
Type: statically balanced
Stylus Pressure Range: 0 g bis 4 g
Cartridge Weight Range 5 g bis 9 g
Factory installed pick up: Ortofon 2M Red

Material: Aluminium die-cast
Mat: Rubber 2,5 mm
Bearing: Hardened steel spindle Brass bushing
Diameter: 305 mm
Weight (incl. Mat): 850 g

Material: MDF, folded
Surface finish: Vinyl veneer / Black
Feet: Ø 62 mm / Elastomer
Connection: RCA socket
Connection to Phono Input: ✓
Connection to Line Input: ✓
Dimension, closed dustcover: 435 x 367 x 145 mm
Dimension, open dustcover: D: 415 mm / H: 400 mm
Power plug AC / DC: External power supply

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Description for blind people: Black Dual turntable with silver details.


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Weight 5800 g

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