Dual 460 Walnut Silver


Sandwich type aluminum plate with double vibration damping ring and antistatic felt.
Width height 18.5 mm and weight 1050 grams.
Driving type 12 volt 16-pole motor with suspension and belt drive.
Auto stop at the end of the disc and return the arm to its original resting position.
Speed ​​selector switch 33-45-78 rpm.
Start-Stop switch.
Cardan Bearing ULM ΧΜ 300 ΑLLOY type aluminum arm.
Active arm length 211 mm.
Detachable head shell.
Adjustable Weight – Tracking force – antiskating.
ORTOFON OMB 10 mobile magnet head 10.

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Description for blind people: Dual turntable in walnut color with silver details.

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Weight 6600 g

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