Dual Primus Maximus Direct Drive


100 pcs Hand Made High End Turntable

Speed: 33/45/78 rpm.
Reaches the nominal speed 33 within 5 seconds, which the player maintains with a stoic calm
Fluctuation: o Massive tall 10mm thick aluminum plate eliminates vibrations
Brand new anti-vibration quality RUBBER slipmat
Dynamically balanced all-aluminum arm with precision CARDANIC ball bearings
Adjustable contact force on the tip with scale
The carbon fiber arm tube provides optimum rigidity and optimum damping properties
Direct Drive extremely high quality drive
High quality MC Audio-Technica AT OC7
Dust plexiglass cover
Solid 10 mm thick aluminum plate
Four height-adjustable aluminum legs
Dimensions: 420mm x 132mm x 350mm

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Description for blind people: Handmade wooden Dual turntable.

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Weight 15000 g

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