Dual CS 550 (New without cartridge)


Turntable: high quality antimagnetic aluminum plate

Platter covering: antistatic felt mat
Dust cover with hinge technology
Tone arm is adjustable in height VTA.
Gimbal with 4 ball-bearings
Extra torsionally rigid Carbon-fiber headshell with ½-inch system attachment
Viscosity-damped tonearm lift
Massless tracking force, adjustable
Antiskating, adjustable
Axis Ø 7 mm, hardened and polished
Precision bearing bush
Oil damping with special bearing oil
Wow and flutter: 0,05 % (DIN)
Rumble unweighted signal-to-noise ratio: 53 dB
Rumble weighted signal-to-noise ratio: 75 dB

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Description for blind people: Anthracite metallic with silver and black details.

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Weight 7000 g

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